Anatomy of a Sales Funnel – eBook

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Anatomy of a Sales Funnel – eBook
Anatomy of a Sales Funnel - eBook A sales funnel is the path your leads take from when they first become aware of your brand until they become a customer. The idea of a sales funnel is quite simple but in order to get a solid ROI, you need to know what you’re doing. Whether you’re selling an inexpensive pair of shoes or a very expensive software package, the consumers will take a similar journey. They will need information, reassurance, and nurturing to get them from the top of your funnel, where they discover your brand, to the bottom of your funnel, where they ultimately make a purchase. What’s inside this 60 page eBook? Chapter 1: What Is a Sales Funnel? There are four basic stages of a good sales funnel: ● Awareness ● Interest ● Desire ● Action Chapter 2: How to Build the Perfect Marketing Funnel Technically, there's no such thing as the perfect marketing funnel. There are so many different combinations and different types of businesses that no one approach is perfect. Chapter 3: The Top of the Funnel There are many ways to get prospects to the top of your funnel: ● Blogs and articles ● Social media ● Video ● Direct email ● PPC advertising ● Webinars Chapter 4: The Middle of the Funnel The middle of the funnel is for building interest and making your product desirable to the prospect. Chapter 5: The Bottom of the Funnel The bottom of the funnel is for action. It’s time to pull the trigger and get the sale. Chapter 6: Qualifying Leads Qualifying a lead is the process of figuring out whether a prospect meets the criteria to purchase your product or service. Chapter 7: Tracking Your Market Funnel Metrics Once you’ve created your funnel and determined how prospects will interact with it, you need to figure out which metrics you’ll use to track your results. Chapter 8: Finer Points Here are a couple of things to keep in mind as you start building your funnel.

  • Anatomy of a Sales Funnel

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